A Tribute to KISN 91'derful Good Guys and staff. Listen or see Chuck Weber, Pat Pattee, Bill Howlitt, Steve Glass, Mother Bear, Tom Michaels, Tom MurphyProfessor Erwin Corey and more Kisn Pictures. Jeff Michaels
Buddy Scott and Mike O'Brien.
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Tom Michaels Show                                       5 minutes
Pat Pattee 2002 Interview Dave Records NEW 6 minutes
Pat Pattee 67-68       Fifty Year Reunion         2 min

Pat Pattee 1968 A                                     24-min

Pat Pattee 1968 b                                   14 min

Pat Pattee 1968              .                          38 min

Pat.Pattee.1969 A-News-Kisn-Jnls               20 min
      Near Studio Quality on 1969
Pat Pattee 1969 B                                     10 min

Pat.Pattee.1972 Nightwatch Autumn            10 min

Pat.Pattee.1973                                              9 min

Ron Lee Show KTMR Studio                         13 min

Jim Rose PM Drive 1975                               4.5 min

Bill Howlitt Bill Western Pat Pattee O'Brien Real/WMP                                                15 minutes
Bill Western Show 1967  Strawberry Clock   4 minutes
Bill Western 1967 50 years ago                   4.5 min
Chuck Weber debut-Bill Howlitt--1975       17 minutes

Chuck Weber (alt) 1975                             22.5 min

Chair Lift Operator Soliloque                         12 min

Hal Raymond on Kisn in 1959                11 minutes

Tom Murphy KFI 1980's NEW               13 minutes
Tom Murphy 9-19-1962                         30 minutes

Tom Murphy Evening MP3                    14 minutes

Tom Murphy in the PM  1959                 11 minutes

Murphy Tribute to John F. Kennedy        01 minutes  

Murphy, POA, Steve Brown; Vic Nite, Brown, Murphy
back, Joe Allen (JF Kennedy era) Pat Pattee;  
Tom Michaels last show, Western, Les Parsons, 
TM, Jack Parr of Kisn/Kgon & Hal Raymond 
from 33 rpm record-making device.         18 minutes

Professor Erwin Corey - The History of Modern Music hosted by Steve Brown, Nat'l Pgm Dir    3:48 

History of Modern Music: Michaels-Howlitt  36 min

KJR Seattle: Tom Murphy Show - 1969 14 minutes

Tom Michaels 1968 Richardson, Benny 12 min
Tom Michaels 1968                               2 min
Tom Michaels 1972 **Real/WMP          12 minutes
Tom Michaels 1972                             17 minutes

Kisn Good Guy Lincoln Smith
KBZY Kin Jones/Lincoln Smith Kisn NewsDB Cooper  6 min
Lincoln Smith - KBZY Newsroom - 1971  3 minutes

KGALJr. Rockaway              NEW MP3  2 Min
KISN DAVID STONE 1972a   **     WAV  3 Min
KISN DAVID STONE 1972b           MP3  3 Min
Dave Records Pdx Beatles Scoped        21 min
Dave Records Stone 8-2002 NEW MP3  46 min
Mike O'Brien 1972  Scoped                    4 min
Mike O'Brien 1972                    4 Min
Mike O'Brian 1972 Lynn Duke                 4 Min

Mother Bear 1972 Andy Broman             7 min

Pat Pattee 1981 KUIK                            20 minutes

Buddy Scott cooks 1969  A, B, C Studio qty      39 minutes
 Buddy in1969, Mother Bear in 1972 aka Andy Broman 1975
Buddy Scott 1969 C2 C3 D1                             18 minutes

Buddy Scott PM Drive and Bill Howlitt-1969 -      21 minutes

Paul Oscar Anderson WIFE 1965                      14 Minutes

Steve Glass 1970 KATA a                                 17 minutes
Steve Glass 1970 KATA b                                 29 minutes
Steve Glass : Papa J Michael Stewart 1975 KISN ** 5 min Steve Glass on KPOK) Realplay/WMP  (pending editing)

Sam Lee and Mother Bear (aka Buddy Scott/Andy Broman) 
Sam Lee DJ; Mother Bear News 1975                42 minutes
 The National P.D. had Kisn's turntables speeded-up

Roger Hart 1963     Channel 15 - KGON              1 minute
Roger Hart 7-1996 KISN-FM      14 minutes

KISN, KEX -  Top 91 1955-66                            57 minutes
    EASY LISTENING MOR simulation
Jeff Michaels 1976 (Quality issue)                       2 minutes

KISN KGW 1960> History (pending)                  59 minute
Uncle Don Wright from KGW to Kisn                 90 seconds
Roger Carroll Best Sounds in Town.com/
http://www.yahvahyahweh.name/MEDIA.html  If you consider yourself a strong believer would you please give it a try?  Media infected our culture.  Read it, hear it.

             Kisn Jingles:

The smiling Kisn jingle singers, the glamorous receptionist, the star-studded Kisn personalities and their portraits greet you as the crystal-clear speakers welcome you now with the Sound of Portland, on K-I-S-N.  KOIL coming soon.

Jingles are the theme of a station! The tempo, rhythm and pitch matched the jingles to music.

Beautiful In-Love Jingles above:  News, news!
Even the News is Wonderful here at the big 91.  People are chatting, blowing instruments and trumpets, kicking-up their hi-heels, wandering around the streets with the news, sports and wonderful weather. A few of these jingles were used.  The CRC package is a Tom Merriman production, very fine work of singers and engineers.

Try not to listen to all twenty-three beautiful minutes at once. Relax, then return for more Kisn wonderful sounds. Jingles help determine the identity of the station. Compare this to today's image-makers and identifiers.
Thank you for picture and aircheck donations!
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             KISN TRANSMITTER     
In the Rose City, a 1000 watt AM on Smith Lake, Portland Oregon waging and winning the contest against 50,000 watters. But in Portland, it was mostly ALL good. 

Kisn News-Intro Voice was  by KOIL Omaha, Chic Crabtree.
Newscasts mostly by disc jockeys. 

Newsmen Sprig Parrot, Herm Cleaver, Bill Howlitt, Whitey Coker and the DJ-Newsmen all made it very interesting. 
Commerical spot load never more than 3.5 min per set, 2.5 min average; no more than 20 min per hour.

Way Back in 1959 in Rose City it was:
From the top of the dial, KOAC 550, KGW 620, KXL top 50, KPDQ, KVAN then KISN 91, KOIN 970, KWJJ 1090, KKEY Vancouver, KEX, KLIQ 1290, KPOJ 1330 with Dick Novak, KUIK, KAAR then KVAN, KGON 1520, KWAY 1570, KOHI St. Helens, Oregon where we found Joe Allen again.

                  Kisn's Studio Board

In the 1950-1965 era, Kisn had a marvelous studio. GERALD GAULE has a Kisn historical document describing the whole operation.  Kind of a home-made board.

Link;  http://feedback.pdxradio.com/

This is a historical non-profit website unaffiliated with any present commercial radio station. This is a hobby.
NO material here is for sale or commercial use.
KISN RADIO The Mighty 91'derful
RADIO DISC JOCKEY. Homestead.com
                  Kisn Good Guys

RADIO DISC JOCKEY may go off-line forever, soon.  Save the Email address. We may be able to send tapes privately for historical use.

#KISN   Enjoy the HANDSOME faces and voices of the KOIL, KEX and KISN Portland Radio lunimaries when they were the Yours Truly Kisn Good Guys.
KGW Broadcast House moved to Jantzen Beach for the Portland Expo with Wes Lynch, C-Fun's Red Robinson.  Fourth Dimensional Sound was the electronic rage plus the First AM Stereo in '62 on KGW TV Ch. 8.and 620 KC. 5000 Watt directional.

Whitey Coker threw the switch on KISN carol tree.
Notice where radio started downhill when they played the game of cumes and stats.  Minority of telephone requests drove the format, unfortunately.

        It's a SIXTY-YEAR Class Reunion!

     KISN Weather
"From the Portland-Vancouver electronic radar weather eye, it will be snow showers on the wonderful weekend with (DJ) "Ron Michaels".

Pat Pattee KISN, Portland, Oregon 1969. The Bluesey, somewhat black-sounding twenty-year pioneer of KVAN and later KISN, was at the zenith of his radio career.  Pat's favorite all-nite, turntable-side drink was Pepsi from a thermos.  He was a stock-car racer at Portland Speedway.  Listen to the Portland Sunspot KISN.Pat was always hot.

Pat cooled the night air at the transmitter.
Listen closely.  Hear the heterodyning tone at 910 khz. and smell the coke in the nighttime Portland air. The quality may be scratchy. 9-1963 Patee on 1960's page. Sign the Guest Book if you "like" Pat.

Kisn's Steve Glass above, is the man with class.  At KATA Arcata-Eureka, Steve was Morning Man!   KATA with Lincoln Smith, Andy Broman, Carl Reynolds, Al Piccinni, Tom Kenlon, Bill Hughes, Jim Brady, Bob Barnett, Gary Mead, Bill Bailey and Baron Von Heron; many KISN personalities.

               KISN-KJR Tom Murphy Show  above

Some shows recorded in the KISN showroom at Tenth and Burnside downtown Portland Oregon.
1969 - a very unusual radio era. Also Smith Lake shack until 1960's, 181st and Marine Drive.

On KJR Murphy sounded pretty much like he did here on dear old 91-Kisn.  His resume includes KBPS, KISN 1959, KJR 1966, KRLA, WCFL, WIXY, KGIL, KIIS, KPRZ, KFI, KJQI, KGRB in LA 1995, WSAI Cincy, RKO Boston, WCFL, WRRL Chicago. 
Listen to Buddy Scott, Mike Phillips, Tom Murphy, Dan Ingram, Boom Boom or hundreds more at 
http://reelradio.com  or

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      POA-Paul Oscar Anderson -               WIFE's Morning Mayor
(Above) Bill Howlitt newsman says to Chuck Weber, "Now type, 'Where News Comes Five Minutes Sooner."
(Rt) Bill sez to Chuck Weber, "Now dip the final to the right-hand of resonance."
The main transmitter, Power Rock is behind Bill; the Raytheon behind Chuck Weber.  This 1 KW used to be the main transmitter at Smith Lake back in 1959 when Kisn was considered Number One.


   KISN SOLID GOLD album cover.   
    Pat Pattee, Mike O'Brien, Tom Michaels, Bobby Noonan/Harold Drew, Chuck Martin, JJ Jordan -0-     Either 1967 or 1973.  or click here #1:   or try #2  Kisn Gold Pix

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Above this plate is Bill Stevens, On right: DJ Pat Pattee, Newsman Bill Howlitt.
Here is Bwuana Johnny or Dick Simms, Sam Lee, Fk. Lindsay the First, Pat Pattee & friend.  

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