Mike Phillips KFRC San Francisco 8-1970 
Engineer Phil Lerza  Length 23:10
Show performed six a.m. to Noon on Saturday morning by a casual Mike Phillips.  The audio processing was Pre-Durrough DAP.  I believe it was three CBS AGC units split into three spectrums, Low, Med, High.
I was present, standing to the right of Mr. Lerza as he skillfully manipulated the controls.  He executed each movement as Phillips in the sound proof control room, would smash the large button which would set off a buzzer in Engineering. Lerza rolls the next sequence 45, spot or jingle.
Mike is so meticulous that in the entire six hour shift, he slipped up on "Julie Do You Love Me" and that is all.

B.R. Bradbury had a powerful news projection.  He delivered the news when Phillips stepped out of the studio for some coffee.  He is gone as well.

Charlie Van Dyke arrived a little before noon to do some station promos.  This was also engineered by Phil Lerza.  Phil is no longer with us.  He is missed as an engineer and station manger.  He was friendly, loved tight sets and we love Phillip.

Mike Phillips began his career at KBPS Benson Polytechnic High School in Pdx.
KISN 1959 and KGW 1976 as program director.
We will show the Kisn Top 50 Hit survey showing Mike and the team. Rest in Peace.

In the hot summer night, I enjoy driving in California listening to a CD from Dave Diamond.  The mind makes you think you are still in 1970.
What is your radio experience?

At this time in Arcata, California at KATA, I was Program Director, Music Director and P.M. drive for all the records I could eat. Chuck Weber

KFRC   The Big 610 
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Radio Disc Jockey informs and inspires with samples of 1950-60's-70's radio.

RADIO DISC JOCKEY may go off-line forever, soon.  Save the Email address. We may be able to send tapes privately for historical use.

KFRC fans: We'll blow our minds with poetry and song in the Dave Diamond Mine and more.

New historical program samples.

1967 KFRC Howard Clark; KXOA Don Costa; Mike Phillips for Jay Stevens KFRC; KXOA; KFRC Howard Clark        27 min

1967 KFRC Howard Clark; KROY Sacramento (Martin show); kfrc Les Turpin Time; KROY W.B.Bower    29 min

KROY KXOA Nelson, Don Costa; KMYC Sacramento 1-28-68; KAGO Phil Lerza and Steve Phillips - 9 minutes

Older Programs

KFRC's Mike Phillips 1970  -    23min
Recorded in the Studio by Phil Lerza

Chuck Browning 1970               7 min

Chuck Browning 1969 Duke Roberts 13 m

Dave Diamond 1970 KHJ            3 min

Dave Diamond 1968 PG                 12 min

KHJ  Don Steele1970                      18 min

KRLA Bob Dayton 1970                    8 min

KYA Dave Stone (of 3 Stones)    5 min.

KFRC Steve Lundy 1972            4 min
Same Steve who rocked WLS

KGB DJ'S - Jim Carson 'n More 1969  5 m

KATA Radio, Arcata California:
Camel-News, Sports, Tuna 1971    10 min

WFIL Dr. Don Rose                         7 min

Man, I miss all these great sounding DJ's.

KMPC Nice music and lots of jocks on 

A Spiritual view of Rock and Roll to Rock.

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