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(Below Left)  Raving Maniacs of Rock and Roll:
Marty McCray, Chuck, Johnny Richardson (R)
(Middle: Chuck Weber, Jeff Michaels (on right)
(Lower Left)  Chuck, Robin Mitchell 2000
Gene Nelson, Chuck, Ron Lee Loughrey (Low Right) Below is Chuck, unless otherwise noted.
Andy Broman and Chuck Weber "Now, when ya' take over Web, Here's exactly how I want the station to sound." (above at wedding)  1972 Pete's Bella Vista Inn now Mad River Brewing Pub.

Chuck in Kisn Production      (below)
White Coker & Penny Weber (on Rt)
Michael Ray and Marvin Lee  (middle left)
J. Michael Stewart                (middle Rt)
Chuck with Jeff Michaels tape  (Left)      KAGO as Steve Phillips 1965-70
Chuck as Jockey John KUJ   (Lower Rt) 
Chuck as Jockey John KUJ (above); KUJ XMTR (R)
Chuck as Steve Bronson KACI (lower picture)

KUJ Jockey John (Chuck Weber) 10-1976b 45 min

KUJ  Jockey John (Chuck Weber)  1976a   50 min

KROW Steve Phillips (Chuck) 1-1970        27 min

KW3 Chuck Carson/Weber Pt 1 .               15 min Year:1979 Wenatchee Washington   Part 2 16 min

1962 KISN, KGW Wes Lynch, Red Robinson  TBA
Historical unveiling of 620 Broadcast House.30min

       Chuck Weber #KISN Portland Oregon
"Chuck" was my stage name in Portland.  I played on different shifts. A few were recorded in the KISN showroom at Tenth and Burnside downtown. The Debut night (at top) was 11-1-1974 ten miles from Portland out at the Marine Drive Transmitter site.

   AFRS.Chuck-TC.Johnson.mp3                5 min
   Roudy Navy Operators Goofing Around

   KBND-AFRS.Music.Patrol.Steve.            30 min

   KBND 1964 ABC radio Small Market       2.5 min

   KISN Parody.  Kisn had been off for years, I had a  dream to bring all the DJ's back, in my imagination.
                                                (above, pending)
   KROW Steve Phillips (Chuck) 1-1970        27 min

   KATA Web Camel 1970 A  (pending tba)

   Web Camel  1970 "B" -Hear the Camel Stomp         into Rare Earth.  Real/WMP/Wav only   24:30

   KATA, Web Camel Rocking 1971           2 min

   Chair Lift Operator Soliloque                 12 min  If you avoid the Scriptures of ancient times, Hebraic or Messianic teachings, The Ten Commandments WITH the statutes and judgments you will not want to explore.  If you consider yourself a strong believer in the true Messiah would you please surf here and gave it a try?  Presentation about Media & culture.  Is there good Rock. Livingston Taylor, Bread, Chicago, 

RADIO DISC JOCKEY may go off-line forever, soon.  Save the Email address. We may be able to send tapes privately for historical use.

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WEB CAMEL, The Chuckar's profiles.
"In my sub-teens, I heard strange sounds out of the crystal set radio back in the Nifty-Fifties.  In my Grandparent's basement was a furnace near the wind-up Grama Phone (Grandma phone?) I opened up the furnace and broadcast my show through this multiplex furnace system.  In the Sixties, I graduated to a fifty-watt station on 840 AM, then to a 1,000 watter, KWAY 1570 kilocycles.
In '64 I moved to Central-Oregon Oregon market in Bend and Klamath Falls.  In the Armed-forces Radio and TV I played the Red-Dot specials on AFRS 810 AM at a carrier power of 250 watts.

Phil Lerza built the studios and later became an engineer in San Francisco at 610 KFRC.

With Honorable Discharge and Early-Outs I moved my magic to KROW at 1460 Salem, Oregon where I played the Solid-Gold in the morning.  Later I used the image, 'The Early American'.  I spoke other call letters: KBND, KGAR, KAGO, KATA, KACI, KISN, KUJ, KNNED, KWWW, KODL, KGRV AND University of Oregon KWVA-FM 88.1 
My present gig is doing early solid gold, Big Band and electic music on the Internet (see above sample shows.)"  "Let's groove back to 1969 now cool jerks and chicks with Glen Campbell, theSmall Faces and Spanky and Our Gang!"


KATA Arcata California 1970-1973 Web Camel 
Hi. I loved hearing the DJ on KATA. Top 40 radio had to have tight production values and a tight on-air sound, 
and wonder of wonders, KATA had both of them locked down. 
KATA in those days was a stand-alone in a city of less than 10,000 people in a metro (if you could call it that) of less than 40,000. To me it is amazing that KATA managed to pull this off! 

       More stories to Add of the Adventures!

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RECORD BREAKING:  During the Beatles weekend KISN President called me at 2 am.  "This is Beatles weekend, right?  What is that you are rolling?" Weber: "That's Abby Road the B side with 'Because'." Burden: "Take that off and break it.  That's not material.for the   Kisn showcase. Break it!"  
I rummaged around for an old useless album and broke it over the phone. President: "Good night!"

  (Pending Parody Show MP3)
In 1978, KISN was off the air for a couple of years.  We missed it so much that I wanted to recreate KISN. My mind projected a dream. Hear this Kisn parody from Chuck Madman rock and roll Carson doing a few Kisn voices.  A poorer imitation than I normally do of other DJ's. Some differences are, we are not using the Kisn studio the microphone sound, the turntables, even the artificial voices sound different. But  it is 2017 and KISN is off the air again! Many of the jocks have passed-away.  I empathize with anybody who lost their loved dj or relative.  We all need to go to the great record hop in the sky. What are we doing here anyway?  
We must all be crazy!
Chuck lost his wife Penny, a radio wife in 2011. Now married recently to Jean.
What Kind of Disc Jockey PreferedTalk Show
Spiritual or Religious
Small Town VersatileJock
Major Market Personality
Young sound
Old Rock and Roll Jock
Rock DJ, Not Rock and Roll
Automation Segue Musak
Middle of Road 1940-1950's DJ