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LISTEN ALL THAT YOU CAN.RADIO DISC JOCKEY            may go off-line FOREVER soon.
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Pictures of Japan, beautiful scenery and josans.
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Imagine yourself as a young Japanese growing-up to such foreign voices, distant diathermy, morse code, radio telefax machines, and static & Gary Owens of KMPC Los Angeles on the flagship Armed Forces Radio Tokyo FEN in 1960's-70's .On FEN airchecks you will hear AM & SHORTWAVE ID's.  Like "3.15 Megacycles, Far East Network, Tokyo." The voice was a killer. In the studio these played simultaneously from a pillar of cartridge machines, one for each FEN frequency.
              Pictures of us in Japan below.
What are your experiences in radio or Japan?
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I enjoyed the Rosenkeller on the Ginza; meeting with new American and Japanese friends; travelling.


Los Angeles KMPC DJ Gary Owens on FEN Tokyo.   
MP3's in black are being edited.and are pending.


   GaryOwens.1968 1B1              13 minutes

   GaryOwens-1968 1B2               18 minutes

         GaryOwens.."Wise Owl" Story Lady                          "Glass Mt." In NEW 1969 Fen 2 abc below.

   Gary.Owens.1969 FEN.2 abc            32 min           

   Gary Owens 1969 Last Two Shows    22 min

   Gary Owens FEN 2 B "TV Reruns?"  16 min

   Gary Owens 1969 afrts      17 min

   Gary Owens FEN 2 D "Oldest DJ"     10 min

   Gary Owens-Mort Garson B1 Some of above     
   Gary Owens- Don't Sleep B2  See AFRS Link 
   Gary Owens -Barefoot in Baltimore     "
   Gary Owens -Easy Listening B4        "

   Far East Network 24th Anniversary     11 minutes
    Monty Jones, Jim Harmon & another newsman.
   Far East Network Station ID               05 Seconds

   Fen Night Beat JeffWinter 1                37 minutes      
   Fen.NightBeat.JeffWinter 2                 23 minutes    
   FEN.Tokyo-Monte.Jones                     3 minutes

   Sherlock Holmes-Tokyo Calling.         12 minutes

   Lucky Laundry Contest FEN-WRC       2:00 minute

   Gunsmoke "Script Writers"                10 min
   Gunsmoke "SodBuster Tokyo Calling".5:00 min


STATIONS CHUCK WEBER HAS PROGRAMMED ON WWW.PANDORA.NET.  The playlist order is computer generated, so it's "hit and miss" "Nine anything in a row".  I programmed the Song Titles and Artists, but the computer may, or may not know how to shuffle them.  You may vote on "Thumbs Up or Down" and Pandora will bypass songs, up to 7 per hour that you vote down.  This is Free to you.

Tommy Edwards Radio- Music of the 1950's:

Jessie Belvin Radio - Old School:

Big Band Swing; MOR favorites:

Try ANGEL RADIO, a community station with multi channels: Light, Nice N Easy, Dance and more: 

WWW.YaHVaHYaHWeh.Name/Japan and stories.

1968 Pictures of  Lake Ashinoko, Hakone National Park, Japan.  
Top:  Chuck Weber - Middle Right is Terry Bruno; 

Bottom Left is Steve/Chuck Weber at Kagetsuen,  Kagetsu Inn, Hakone Natl. Park. Right is Mt. Fuji