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PORTLAND BROADCASTERS -                    1963
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Above:  Young Listener lives in 1950's RCA console, which doubled as our transmitter modulator.

To Three Sisters Oregon in 1958 Thunderbird with that Interceptor police 352 cu. inch motor.
Jackie Jackson (no pix) was a beautiful person; 
I owe her a lot for her life and time she gave me. Jackie loved all of her friends, but how many returned her love for them?

Below is Upper Klamath Lake from Ka-Go radio.

                               1950's-60's Radio DJ's
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KQIV Roy Jay with contest "Blind Date"  WAV                  12 minutes 

KQIV Brotherhood Danny Dee, Roy Jay-Awesome Soul     16 minutes

KUJ Jockey John (Chuck Weber) 10-1976b                       45 minutes

KUJ  Jockey John (Chuck Weber) a                                50 minutes
KWWW-KW3 Chuck Carson (Weber) #1 15 minute Part 2   16 minutes

Kisn Barry Cannon-KQIV Danny Dee Soul Brother WAV       2 minutes

Peter Anthony Mann - 1976 KGAR Vancouver   (pending and demand)
KOL Unknown Jock 1962                                                   3 minutes
KATA Arcata CA 1972 Tom Kenlon - Real/WMP/WAV          9 minutes

KBND, AFRS RADIO, MUSIC PATROL, Steve                    30 Minutes

Central Oregon Travelogue 1967 by our Steve Phillips           6 minutes
KGRL 1972 Linn Courson/BenTracy                                    5 minutes
KLOG Longview,Washington-Jason Lee later at Kisn; picture on Chuck Weber page
Emperor Sam Hawkins KFXD Boise 1972                         5 minutes
Jerry Blavit Waxing Poetically for Young Teen-Agers--Pending Editing or Request

  1967  ALASKA-OREGON Oldies - Fifty Years Ago!

   AFRS KGRL KBZY KFAX KGAL           45 minutes
    Pictures Below--And on "Kisn 75 Weber" Tab Above

   Alaska-Steve Phillips Show on Adak- Pending Editing - 43 min

   AFRS.PJ.Party.Chris.Reed.mp3            5 min

   FCC Inspection at KODL, The Dalles Oregon - 6 Minutes
LISTEN ALL THAT YOU CAN.  RADIO DISC JOCKEY may go off-line forever, soon.  Save the Email address. We may be able to send tapes privately for historical use.
Steve/Chuck/Web Camel and Kin Jones KAGO, ABC Affiliate, Klamath Falls Oregon (above on right)

If you consider yourself a strong believer in the true Messiah please surf here and gave it a try.

If you study the Scriptures of ancient times, Hebriac or Messianic teachings, The Ten Commandments WITH the statutes and judgments you will want to explore.

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KUJ control board1976.

 Eureka CA Old-Town Cooker, Tom Kenlon KATA, KIEM, KRED, 1970  
51 plus years ago.  1965 KAGO, Klamath Falls, Oregon.'58 T-Bird the 350 Intercepter on KAGO Hill.
Appreciations to Duane White of Upstate for WPTR aircheck.  Thank You Mike Forrester of KPOK, KPOJ for your aircheck donations!  Robin Mitchell KOL, WLS Grady Dale Gradert,WFIL Philly.
Thank you to James Swartz,Boston.
If you have tapes, please Email us and share it.
A gift of love. It is history Radio Disc Jockey.

KACI: Jim Davis - Scott Forrest (left)
ABC Radio - The Dalles, Oregon

KACI  Davis -Scott Forrest     (below)

Chuck at Kisn Transmitter
   and at the carport
                       SURF TO THE TOP 

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