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Chuck Weber's MP3 Collection:

I met a young disc jockey running the classic AM Top-50 sound of the late 1950’s and early and mid 1960s. I shall call him Ian. He said he wasn’t making much bread with a group that sounds like The Crests so he did Radio.
I noticed his light hair and well-groomed appearance which reminded me exactly of the 50’s 60’s stereotype jock.
He was doing a smooth mixture of oldies, jingles, spots and news. His format seemed to be like this. MUSIC:
MIND responds to the HARMONY
MIND responds to the LYRICS
SPIRIT responds to the MELODY
BODY responds to the RHYTHM (BEAT). Ian’s radio show reminded me much of the professional personalities of yesterday. Rhythm: the least important ingredient in music.  (This is a work in progress; more later on.)

Grab an MP3 player loaded with our website, and head for the ski slopes.  In 1963 this is what we listened to while working, hiking and skiing in the Northwest.
Vote on your favorite radio stations below.
Now, Let us flash back more than Sixty Years!

9-3-1962 Bill Howlitt, TM, Steve Brown, Tracy,
POA, Pat doing news, POA, Brown, TM, Joe Allen KLIQ Before he went to KYMN-1520 as hot jock; Pat; TM's Buddy, Western, Les Parsons, TM, Jack Parr Kisn, Hal Promo, G.O
Low quality but MP3                                            18 minutes

KGON Ben Tracy, Frank Benny, Michaels, Bob Stevens 3 min

KGON Bill Western, Joe Allen, Electronics Teacher, DJ  3 min

Tom Murphy - John F.Kennedy Memorial                       1 min

Wish List  Do you have any of these programs?

KGON Don Hughes with the News, Larry Curran, Ben Tracy

Ken Chase Show KISN 1958 (Do you have this?)

Tom Murphy's Buddy, Tom Michaels about 1960 -  Six-hr shifts

Jack Sunday, Johnny Dark, Johnny Williams, 
The History of Modern Music-Steve Brown
Johnny Williams Program Kisn
Jack Sunday, weekends on Kisn
Johnny Dark, midnight to dawn
Joe Allen KYMN
Russ Ripley Kisn and KGon
Vic Night KGon
Les Parsons Utility tape & million dollar w-end
Ken Chase Show
Rare RDS Steele
Frank Benny
Tom Murphy's Buddy, daytime and weekends
Bill Western - All shifts
Dave Stone on Kisn FM
Ted Bear
Gil David WPTR Albany, NY
The above  shows are my desire to someday acquire and post on this website.  Contact us no matter how small snippets.
 (Real Player, Windows Media or your choice.)

KGON Western, Paul Anthony, Tom Murphy KISN          6 min

KGON Bill Western, Don Steele, Bob.Adkins or Addie.Bobkins and POA in 1964            10 min

KGON Western, Joe Allen, Ben Tracy, Paul Anthony       8 min

KGAL Bob Stevens formerly KEX in KGON file above.

More will be added, if we hear from you.  Most of above is from very primitive sources but it is all the world has to show from these announcers. Not all are typical audio quality.

Also hear in these Oldest-Airchecks Ever and
See the Kisn DJ's page: Pat Pattee, Steve Glass, Buddy Scott, Paul Oscar Anderson, Jingles and More. Just push the Kisn button on your right, presently.

Please Email us if you might have tapes or CD's of radio stations.  Send in.  We reserve the right to edit shows. 
If you consider yourself a strong believer in the true Messiah would you please surf here and gave it a try? Rock, Rock and Roll, good or bad?
If you avoid the Scriptures of ancient times, Hebriac or Messianic teachings, The Ten Commandments WITH the statutes and judgments you will not want to explore our OTHER side.

If you are having problems Emailing, try copy and pasting:
Chuck@YahvahYahweh.Name or using Outlook Express:
Yours Truly, Chuck Weber 


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