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Blog Radio Disc Jockey

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by Stephen Weber on 12/22/18

At a small market AM In 2018 I met a young disc jockey running the classic AM Top-50 sound of the late 1950’s and early and mid 1960s. .  Let's tag him, Ian. He said he wasn’t making much $ with a singing group that sounded like The Crests so he went into Radio.

I noticed his light hair and well-groomed appearance. He reminded me exactly of the 50’s 60’s stereotype jock.

He was doing a smooth mixture of oldies, jingles, spots and news.  His rules seemed to be like so.  HIS MUSIC:

MIND responds to the HARMONY

MIND responds to the LYRICS

SPIRIT responds to the MELODY

BODY responds to the RHYTHM  (BEAT).  Ian’s radio show reminded me much of the professional personalities of yesterday. Rhythm: the least important ingredient in music. So Is your favorite radio station a smooth old-timer, last of the old-time cookers, screamers, Doo-Wop, automated LP's or Music of Your Life oldies?  Please leave the message. Thanks, Your Truly, Good Guy, Chuck Weber

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by Stephen Weber on 07/20/16

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Oldest Airchecks Ever - Greg

by Stephen Weber on 12/11/12

Greg on 12 08 2012
"Hi All, This is a fabulous website. Thank you. Visitng here is like      
riding a coach down Memory Lane back to the good old days, alas, gone forever. 
Compared to the monstrous mess we have now, those were indeed the halcyon days 
of freedom and optimism. Most of those who never lived in those times will     
never realize what they missed and what has been lost. As a footnote, research 
shows the air check clip entitled KOL 1964 is most likely from 1962. In that   
clip, the upcoming "Miss Teenage America" contest is advertised. One 
of the top prizes cited is a 1963 Mercury Comet. Mention is made that finalists
will appear on the CBS-TV program "Miss Teenage America" to be       
broadcast on "October 26th." The Miss Teenage America winner of a    
1963 Mercury Comet was Darla Banks from Fresno, Calif. She was crowned on 26   
October 1962 and toured America the following year as Miss Teenage America     
1963. Q.E.D. PS. Keep up the great work here. It's much appreciated."
PS Okay!  Thanks Greg very much.  I will chuck it out and change.  Chuckar


by Stephen Weber on 04/14/11

From time to time at Portland listeners stampeed through cyberspace to hear original KISN, KGW, KGON, KEX and many other radio stations in the 1950's and 1960's.

Coming up we hear Kisn's Mike O'Brien, more Pat Pattee, Buddy Scott plus radio personalities from all over the world back in the fifties:  Don Imus, Ray Gilmore, Jay Cook, Doctor Don Rose, George Michaels on WIBG and WFIL, the Philly soul of 1968.

Or how about Portland's first Black radio station, KQIV with a fun bunch of guys. They will talk about the fake inflated gas prices, having blind dates with dj's and messin' around - and about the great old school music we can never get enough of.  That is probably the 1975 era in Portland, Oregon.

CD and tape donations are welcome.  Your requests for a certain aircheck will be on a basis of first-come and the demand for a particular bite.

My wife Penny passed away in 2011. A lot of time managing the household, fleet, websites and searching for that new wife.  I may have some evenings to help cart-up a few of the hundreds of radio airchecks. With a more encouragement, I am capable of increasing the size of this site. This is a one-man show.  The credit goes to those performers who put their energy and talents into the magic of radio.

Issues like Kisn's city of license are no longer relevant in my view.  The main focus of the site is on the entertainment value.  It has little to do with games the owners and staff played, nor with the ratings back in the pre-corporate days.

I hope you enjoy, Chuck Weber aka Steve, Web, Bronson, Phillips, Jockey John