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      40, 50, 60 Year Class Reunions
WABC,WNBC-Beebee, Frank Reed, Johnny Dark, Don Imus way back in 1980.  AND..
Featuring KISN in Portland, Oregon -
Steve Glass, Tom Murphy, Pat Pattee on KISN                      KFRC the BIG 610!
WFIL, WIBG, Big Band Station: KMPC - FEN Tokyo and many more.Swingin' Radio Disc Jockey stations.
While you listen, Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself as the radio personality doing a show. WLS 890 KC with Bernie Allen, Larry Lujack, Clark Weber and Charlie Van Dyke.  These new-fangled radios feature the Super Heterodyne whistle in the background.  The 50,000 watt WLS signal at 890 khz is weak enough at Geneseo, Illinois receiver site to allow the interference.  WFIL 1968 George Michaels very real when you put yourself in his chair.

                       NEW YORK

WABC; WNBC,WPTR 1968 Albany, New York See1969 Below on Left.
Gil David and Boom Boom Brannigan -  Fabulous
This is the REAL Boomer. An all new WPTR studio plus an all-new jingle package. It was an unfamiliar new and exciting atmosphere.  Those were the days when radio was. No, wait a minute; those days are now!  At Radio Disc Jockey Homestead we are transforming our culture!  So are Philly Radio and Doo Wop Cafe and WLML!

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KGW 1968-1970 had jingles with full quality and tons of bass.  1962 KGW first AM stereo station and Fourth-Dimensional sound:  Using 620 khz and KGW channel 8 for stereo listening periods.


Pat Pattee 1981 KUIK 20 minutes

Web Camel  1970 "B" -Hear the Camel Voicer STOMP into Rare Earth.  Real/WMP/Wav

1970's Kisn's Chuck Weber Web Page

Chuck Weber 1957 to 1965 - 25 minutes

    Aircheck Dream List, programs needed:

        KISN Radio,KGW and KGON

KISN Ben Dawson Night Watch 1958.
History of Modern Music WIFE/KOIL more
Mike O'Brien-Radio 91Derful
Steve Brown KISN, KOIL, WIFE
Johnny Williams Show Kisn 1960
Jack Sunday, Bruno weekends 1962 on Kisn
Johnny Dark, 1960, midnight to dawn on Kisn
Joe Allen 1963-64 KYMN Oregon City.
Ray Horn 1962-3 KGW, Portland Oregon
Roger W. Morgan on Kisn 1960's
Cal Coleman 1960's KKEY, KODL
Russ Ripley 1960 Kisn and KGON-AM
KGON Ben Tracy, Larry Curran, Don Hughes 1962
Vic Night KGON 1520 khz. Portland1963.
Kisn/KJR Les Parsons Million Dollar weekend.
Ken Chase Show on Kisn in 50's and 60's.
RDS Don Steele on KIMA, KORD or KISN
Dave Stone Kisn-FM 2000. Earlier Dave Stoners.
Frank Benny 1959-1960 Kisn
Tom Murphy's Buddy, million dollar weekends
Bill Western - All shifts KISN Portland
Gil David WPTR 1968 Albany, NY

Steve Phillips in the land of the midnight sun.     "Stephen on AFRS with the Musical Most"
  aka Chuck Weber, Steve Weber,                         50 Year Class Reunion below

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Armed Forces Airchecks and Shows:  Chris Noel, Gary Owens, R Carroll

Vince: a little bit of New York Radio.

Leslie Stevens:  Fantastic Oldies  Try Show #10, about 45 minutes-in is Marty Robins with "Cap and Gown" 1958.

Paul Peters and Geoff Kemp on the Internet Archive "Fabulous Fifties" or "Swinging 60's"
LINKS TO STATIONS CHUCK WEBER HAS ON WWW.PANDORA.NET.  I programmed the Song Titles and Artists, but the computer may, or may not know how to shuffle them.  You may vote on "Thumbs Up or Down" and Pandora will bypass songs you vote down, up to 7 per hour.  This is Free to you.

Tommy Edwards Radio-  Sweet R&R 1950's:

Jessie Belvin Radio - Old School:

Big Band Swing; forties favorites:

Barney Keep  Geo McGowan Russ Conrad       Lee Smith   Little Bob Liddle John Gordon      Al Priddy
Mornings     Stage announcer                   pm drive      Midday               Sports            All night Al
Not 1955 but most likely is 12-1958 or 1959

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                      The Chukkar of KISN

         Thanks! Chuck Weber - Kisn Radio
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  WFIL - 1968 George Michaels                24 minutes see below

  Robin Mitchell - 1980 KB101 - WAV       10 minutes
   A little fuzzy, but noone else has it.

  Robin Mitchell - 1981  KB101 - MP3      10 minutes

  KOL Robin Mitchell 1968 Hall of Fame  9 min
  KOL Robin Mitchell 6-1968  19 minutes

  CHUCK WEBER SPECTACULAR  1930-1994 & Song Lists
  Click Here to Chuck Weber Taste Tester 1934>

  KXOL Ogden, Utah 1998 B.Larson           8 minutes

  KXAA Cruisin USA 1998 Wenatchee Wa.

  Sounds of Philly Radio-Jimmy DePree pending x_minutes

  WLS 7-68 a & b Chuck Buell Gary Golden w News 28 min

  WLS 1967 Vietnam Hour -ClarkWeber- Ron Riley 19 min

  WLS  1974a Charlie Van Dyke                            7 min
  Will try to fix quality of Vietnam later; it is our tape.

  WLS reports the News - Ted is Fantastic:

  WLS 1974b Dale,News VG/Ted Anthony - Great  17 min

  WLS 7-68  Clark Weber                                            18 min

  WLS Bernie Allen 7-68  (Real/Wmp/Wav)             12 min

  WLS Larry Lujack, Bernie, Clark Weber (wav) 22 minutes

  WLS Chicago -The Big "89" Chuck Buell Syndication      

  WLS.ChuckBuell.2.  Bernie Allen; More WLS above.    

  WLS 1974 Charlie Van Dyke - Tom Edwards  22 minutes

  WLS 1974 Charlie Van Dyke - B                   7 minutes

  WLS 1974 Tommy Edwards - Ted Anthony     15 minutes

  WABC 1968 Dan Ingram; Rheingold                 6 minutes

  WNBC Allan Beebee 1983                              4 minutes

  Imus and Chas McChord 1983                        3 minutes

  WNBC Don Imus 1982.A                                 7 minutes

  WNBC Don Imus 1982 B NEW 2016               12 minutes

  WNBC Don Imus-Chas Mchord -WAV-           13 minutes

  WNBC Don Imus-Chas McChord MP3              3 minutes

  WNBC Frank Reed    1983 NEW                    13 minutes

  WNBC Frank Reed; Beebee, Chas Weber    9 minutes
  WNBC Capt Frank Reed,Chas ** WAV         11 minutes

  WNBC Johnny Dark-1983 NEW 2016             2.5 minutes      

  NEW WNBC IMUS Frank Reed -Bagels      25 ? minutes

  KJR Norm Gregory A ** WAV -                         8 minutes

  KJR:  Norm Gregory B ** WAV   Realplayer   8 minutes 

  KAYO - KGW Mike Phillips 1975            8 minutes 

  KGW Ed Riley about 1975 on Super 62.         30 seconds
  Send 'em in guys. Great Jingles.

  KGW Red Robinson in 1959                           6 minutes

  KGRL 1968 Andy Broman/Tracy                   26 minutes

  KUJ Scotty Wright Traffic Mobile              2 minutes
  Walla Walla Washington:        

  KUJ Jockey John (Chuck Weber) 10-1976b      45 min

  KUJ  Jockey John (Chuck Weber) 10-1976a    50 min

  KROW Steve Phillips (Chuck) 1-1970              27 min

  KW3 Chuck Carson/Weber  Pt 1 15 min ~ Pt 2 16 min

   KQIV: Roy Jay, Bill Himmons, Lil' Chas       12 minutes
   Having fun with the contest and jokes.

   KQIV Brotherhood Danny Dee, Roy Jay       16 minutes

   KQIV Chuck Cannon; Danny Dee Only          2 minutes
  KRED Eureka CA Tom Kenlon ** WAV            9 minutes
  KATA Steve Glass Mornings MP3                   17 minute

  KATA Web Camel 1970 A & B  (Pending Editing)

  KGB San Diego DJ Profile                                  5 min

  KGW Dan Foley - LA Marsh KPUG       6 min

  KGW Bob King_KPAM.Portland, Oregon              5 min

  WPTR Albany, NY BOOM BOOM, Gil David       7.5 min 

  1968 * 49 Year Reunion

  WFIL Dr. Don Rose 9-1968                                  7 min

  WFIL Jay Cook 1968                                 5 min

  WIBG Gary Mitchell 9-1968                              11 min

  WIBG Ray Gilmore #1 1968                              12 min

  WIBG Ray Gilmore #2                                        12 min

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TEDDY's Media Radio with Ron Lee, Chuck Taylor, Chuckar, Jeanie Day, Robin and Rob alternate hosts.
History Repeats with Chuck Weber  show Sunday morning 11am -Tuesday 10 am, Friday 4pm PST.  Just as it was!  Click on the Tune-In button on Teddy's Media Radio.

Sample Show Script for Chuck Solid Gold Spectacular

Chucks Weber Prep list  TMR Oldies #2 F thru O
Click Here for a few Snippets.

Gary Lewis & The Playboys  (1966) My Heart's  Symphony(Vinyl)(Voice) (Ron's Extro w Artist Bio)

Elvis Presley  (1957) (Let Me Be Your)Teddy  Bear(Vinyl)(Voice) (CUT MOST SHORT, if possible) 
"Your Vinyl Teddy Bear!"

Elton John - (1973) Saturday Night's Alright For  Fighting(Vinyl)(From The LP)
"Ron!  Hope I'm not breaking format here, but I love the  hot-button INTRO.

Gene Pitney  (1961) Every Breath I Take(Vinyl)(Voice) Ahhh!   Ahhhh! Conscious.

Floyd Cramer  (1961)On The Rebound(Country)(Vinyl)(45)(Voice)
For you basketball fun-seekers, here on #1!

George Michael & Elton John  (1991) Don't Let The Sun Go  Down On Me(Vinyl)(Live)
++Ron, I played Elton earlier++

George Harrison  (1981) All Those Years Ago(Vinyl)(Voice)

Glen Campbell  (1969) TrueGrit(Country)(Vinyl)(Voice) Thanks  Ron Lee, and I remember taking the Grit newspaper, do you,  back in 1969.

Hermans Hermits  (1967)No Milk Today(Vinyl)(45)(Voice) We  won't send you to bed without your warm glass of milk.

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan  (1970) Tennessee  Birdwalk.(Vinyl)(Voice Program) thanks Mister Big.
Let's hang-out the bird's Dirty Underwear.

Rick Nelson (19  ) Young Emotions - Vinyl - No Voice

Jay And The Techniques  (1968) Strawberry  Shortcake(Vinyl)(Voice Program)

Jim Reeves - (1959) Home(Country)(Vinyl)(From The LP The Best  of)  "That's the late Jim Reeves.  Home.  He used to belong to  a little church in the dale.

Kaylin Twins  (1959) WHEN  (Vinyl) Two great peppy vocalists. Morie and ___.

"Get down Teddy Fans, Gonna knock your socks off here:"
Jimi Hendrix  (1968) All Along The Watchtower(Vinyl)(Voice  Program).mp3    Watchtower?  Jean, isn't that the free  magazine they used to stick in our screen door?  That's when I  used to run out of material for the show.
  Jimmy Cliff  (1969) Wonderful World, Beautiful  People(Vinyl)(Voice) Ahhh, it's a Great World.

John Lennon   (1981) Woman(Vinyl)(Frome The Vinyl LP Double  Fantasey) Loved that sound, when I was on the KODL transmitter  down the dial at 1440 a.m. 

Jimmy Jones  (1960)Handy Man(Vinyl)(45)(Voice Program)
Home Repair

Johnnie Ray  (1951) The Little White Cloud That  Cried(Vinyl)(Voice)  Ron, that fact about Johnnie being in  Dallas!  That just messmerizes me!

Stylistics song or Intruders (    ) with... UNITED

  Johnny Burnette  (1960)You're Sixteen(Vinyl)(45)(Voice  Program)   Sweet sixteen,  teen agers. ya know what I mean?
SEGUE and or Jingle/Segue

Johnny (Johney?) Cash - (1958) Ballad Of A Teen-Age  Queen(Country)(Vinyl)

Johnny Crawford - (1962) Rumors(Vinyl)(From The 45 Single And  Not The C D)(Voice)  Now, the boy on the street Gossip column,  The Rifleman's Sun, in 1962, Jawneee, CrawwFord.

either: Johnny Mathis - (1962) Gina(Vinyl)(From The 2 Record  Set And Not The CD Jonny Matis.  Transporter year retro 54 yr gold

OR:  Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams  (1978)Too Much,Too  Little,Too Late(Vinyl)(45)  Now step into my transporter and  I'll send you back 38 swingin' years.

Temptations (   ) Since I lost my Baby 
My memory of Chinatown at Yokohama, Japan at the Bar Bacchus.   Jukebox never missed a track on that old Seaberg!

Johnny Rivers - (1966) Poor Side Of Town(Vinyl)(Voice Program)

Keith Green  (1975)You Put This Love In My  Heart(Vinyl)(45)(Voice)  Yeah!  Dan Peak sounded very much  like Keith Green.  But what a tragedy for Keith!

Chuck Weber is the producer of these original airchecks.
  Spirit-Filled Radio -  Creator's Name, Feast Days, Media corrupts culture.
  Ron Lee Show KTMR Studio Pictures                13 min
Our purpose is not free entertainment, but historical fifty year-old sample shows. There are no complete songs.
This was American pop radio which may never return.

Dear Radio Groupies - DJ's and Personalities of Philly, NYC, Upstate,  Adak Alaska, Seattle, Portland and the Oregon and NorCal markets are sitting in my library. I'll load-up more personalities for you on Radio Disc Jockey as demand goes.

If someone has objections, we will consider removing the show.  KEEP IN MIND I am doing this for FREE as a hobby. You artists may have had a bum trip with your record companies and managers. If those forty-year-old tapes sit and shrivel-up and the emulsion falls off of them, I will be the only guy who might get to hear them.  Why not let the Galaxy out there enjoy you?  The Star Stations promoted your records for free and paid their dues.  Please do not deprive the world of perhaps the first kiss with Gary Owens of KFWB, Mike Phillips of  KISN, KFRC, KGW, KFIV; Pat Pattee, and Yours Truly, Chuck Weber of KISN!  Now, let the Swingin' Gentlemen roll-out the red carpet and mesmerize your head!